Adrenaline Jumps

We all get a thrill from jumping off the highest platforms we can – it’s just the landing (and sometimes the height) that turns us off.  So we’ve now made it possible to experience that adrenaline thrill in complete safety, from heights of up to 50 meters (150ft).  The perfect adrenaline adventure for fund-raising or team-building events.

We are not limited to venues with suitable buildings, towers or bridges. Using our Mobile Adrenaline Pod and Adrenaline Tower we can deliver all the thrills of leaping into the unknown, to sites almost anywhere in the UK.

We can provide fixed-rate descenders that allow your guests to “fall” at a steady 2 metres per second or Powerfan descenders that will deliver an adrenaline-pumping free-fall experience, slowing to a gentle landing on terra firma.


And we aim to ensure that our events are as inclusive as possible, for example, making adrenaline jumps available even to those with limited mobility or normally confined to a wheelchair.